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Warning! The FedInvent application is being retired and will no longer be available as of December 31, 2022. Please contact your Federal Reserve Account Executive to discuss replacement options.

  FedInvent SM

Federal Reserve Financial Services

FedInvent provides an opportunity for Federal Reserve Financial Services customers to gain experience with, and provide feedback
on, proposed concepts for new information services. Using FedInvent, customers can experiment with these concepts using their own
institution’s data and provide feedback that will help us enhance and improve the prospective service. FedInvent uses data obtained
from FedLine Web and transforms the data into reports and decision tools in Microsoft® Excel.

The concepts and reports in FedInvent represent developmental efforts that are being considered or underway (i.e., works in
progress). We recognize that providing an interactive platform of this type to our customers can result in occasional errors in the
output. While we will strive to provide quality results through FedInvent, we discourage our customers from relying on the report
results provided in FedInvent for any type of critical production decisions or support.

Please enjoy using this facility and provide feedback often. Ideas for new reports are also encouraged.

Save FedInvent output on your computer prior to viewing to ensure the best results.

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